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It's a curious phenomenon. Ask most kids about classic horror movies & horror stars, and we'll tell you that we don't like to be scared. Perhaps it's because we just don't want to see our parents doing horrible things on the silver screen--or worse yet, having even more horrible things done to them! But despite the fact that we may not be horror film fans, we certainly are fans of the horror genre. More than that--we are grateful for the horror genre and for its many fans, because without you, the legacy classic horror stars would not have been kept alive. So many wonderful Vincent Price fans have worked tirelessly to keep his legacy alive, and we are so grateful for them.

Our featured site of the month is perhaps the most comprehensive Vincent Price site on the web. It is curated by the amazing Rick Squires, with whom we will be "speaking" for our next blog! So, stay tuned for a really fun interview in the coming weeks.