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Digital Download of Rare 1930s Recording: Vincent Price & Barbara O'Neill (Victoria Regina)


This digital download is the first in what we hope will be a series of rare (and often unheard until now) recordings by Vincent Price.

We have had them copied from vintage records, then cleaned up and digitized -- and Victoria Price has provided an introduction to them.

This first 20-minute recording features actress Barbara O'Neill (Vincent Price's first girlfriend) and Vincent chatting and then re-enacting a series of scenes from the award-winning Broadway production of Victoria Regina (1936 - 39).

We are offering this first recording at a special holiday price of just $5 from now through the end of 2019. So get yours now!

This recording cannot be found anywhere else! This recording can be digitally downloaded and heard on any device immediately after purchase!  A must for any Vincent Price and classic Hollywood fan!!

Barbara O'Neill (July 17, 1910 – September 3, 1980) was an American film and stage actress. She appeared in Gone with the Wind (1939) and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in All This, and Heaven Too (1940).

O'Neill was born in St Louis, Missouri -- the daughter of poets Barbara Blackman and David O'Neill. Her mother was also a well-known suffragette. Vincent Price and Barbara O'Neill attended the progressive Community School together until they were ten. They were boyfriend and girlfriend -- and Vincent would adore Barbara for the rest of her life.

Barbara was then raised in Connecticut and Europe. The pair reconnected on the East Coast during college (Barbara graduated from Sarah Lawrence and Vincent from Yale) -- and then during their early careers in New York and Hollywood.
This recording was created in the 1930s as a benefit for the Community School. Find out more in Victoria's introduction.