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Did you ever wish you could have spent time with Vincent Price? Well, you can fulfill that fantasy right here, with this original piece of art created by artist Gina Minchino. Gina Minchino is an incredibly talented artist, whose work is shown at galleries all over the US. She also finds great joy in her caricatures. Check them out here: GINA'S CARICATURES.

Gina has created this special caricature to honor one of her favorite actors -- Vincent Price! Based on the famous photo of Vincent and Peter Lorre, Gina will insert an original caricature of you (or of the person to whom you are gifting this artwork) with Vincent!

There are ONLY TEN prints of this caricature being made -- and each "head" added is an original! 

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you about sending a photo to the artist. She will then create a caricature of you with Vincent! 

The perfect holiday gift for you or a loved one! 

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