Social Media Vincent Price Style: The Sequel February 16 2014, 5 Comments

Almost as soon as I could read, my dad would hand me the instructions to anything mechanical and have me explain how to “make it work”. It was the same on our road trips: Neither of my parents ever bothered to look at a map, knowing that I loved being tasked as the navigator, and that I was good at it. I loved it, too! My parents were both so incredibly gifted at so many things that it felt good to be better than they were at simple little life chores like finding our way from Point A to Point B or knowing which wire went where in the new stereo.

Now that I’m exactly my dad’s age when I was born, I wonder whether they were really so bad at both of those things, or whether it’s just easier to have someone younger figure it out. Because that’s how I feel about social media. I just know that learning this would be a lot easier if I was 12. And the more I think about my dad trying to figure it out, I realize that I probably would have had to do all his social media for him. He would have handwritten his “tweets” on spare envelopes or paper placemats in that beautiful penmanship of his and handed them to me to type. And the thought of my dad trying to wrangle an iPhone is purely hilarious! But if he had, I’m pretty sure that his Instagram photos would have been a lot like mine—taken in museums around the world.

The good news is that I grew up with my dad’s two aphorisms: “A man who limits his interests limits his life.” “If you are always curious, you will never be bored.” And certainly learning social media, the digital world, and how to connect through the digital ether is always interesting.

In a few weeks, I will take off on a wonderful road trip—driving around the country revisiting the restaurants in my parents’ famous cookbook in preparation for our 50th anniversary reissue of A Treasury of Great Recipes. And I will also be appearing and #MonsterMania in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I have two special treats in store for me in New Jersey: My nephew, Jody Price, will sit in with me one day to sign autographs and meet fans. Jody is a terrific musician who has been putting on some great Vincent Price-themed events in the Jersey area. And super-fan Bryan Hewitt from England will be flying over for a visit! How cool is that! One other treat awaits me: A long-awaited visit to the #BarnesFoundation in Philadelphia. For me, walking through a museum is like spending a few hours with my dad. Art was always our common ground and I still love “chatting” with him about art!

Then it’s up to New York for a special #VincentPrice screening—more to be announced soon!

I will be launching a new website that you can find here on dedicated to the 50th anniversary of my parents’ cookbook. So keep checking back.

In fact, we have lots more Internet ventures that will be launching in the next six months—and even an opportunity to take a Vincent Price-inspired trip to Europe this summer. All this news is coming soon!!!

But, just so I know you all are out there listening, can you please weigh in whatever way suits you best? Please let me know the best way for us to reach you with our news, events, product launches, appearances, blogs, photos, etc. Is it via this website, Facebook, Twitter, Google +. Would you like a newsletter, a fan meeting place? What do you fans want from us? Please tell us! We’re eager to hear from you, because you are the ones keeping the Vincent Price legacy alive.

Last but not least, to keep my SEO (search engine optimization--I just learned that) gurus happy, here is the paragraph they asked me to write. It's like a bad exercise from English class. Please find a way to include the following three phrases in a paragraph: thriller movies, classic horror movies, horror movie posters--and keep it interesting. All this so that, #Vincent Price fans can find us better through Google.

My dad loved making thriller movies and classic horror movies. He loved being grouped in the same category with such classic horror movie stars as his dear friend #BorisKarloff. He loved that his thriller movies scared audiences. And, of course, as someone who loved art, he always got a kick out of seeing the horror movie posters of his films. Geez. This is tougher than I thought.

Wait!! I've got an idea: I'll make it a contest. By Friday, February 21, please send a paragraph or two about Vincent Price that uses the three phrases--thriller movies, classic horror movies, and horror movie posters--in interesting and fun ways. My brother and I will pick the winner, and the winner will get the signed Vincent Price tshirt of their choice. This will be way more fun for me! I can't wait to see what you write! Game on, horror fans!!!

On the lighter side: I hope you enjoy this little Vincent Price tribute to social media that we created.

And I hope to see you soon somewhere out there on the road.